Higher Than A Kite
Gave in and used my pocketknife to get as much marijuana residules off my grinder as possible.
Barely got 1/3rd, MAYBE 1/2th a bowl.
Metal pipe, my "first" (after a series of replacements from broken/stolen ones).
Still... it's fun, blue and yellow spikes along the pipe.
Feels traditional.
Been using it for years so it fitted the situation.
The concoction of various strains over the years hit hard.
Really light headed.
Elements of both indica and sativa.
Chillin to music.
One of my favorite bands.
One of my favorite songs.
Electric Light Orchestra
"Sweet Talkin' Woman"

Writer's Block: Vehicles, too!
If you could turn into a automobile of any kind, what would you choose, and why?

I would turn into a Dodge Tomahawk for the purpose of speed, maneuverability, and simply looking bad-ass.

Writer's Block: Toy box travesties
What childhood toy did you desperately want that your parents refused to give you? Do you still think about getting one?

They refused to give me a lot of things, and looking back I'm glad they set limits. There are a few things I pick up for sentimental or "collecting" purposes though. Not much - mostly comic books.

Writer's Block: Going for the throat
Would you rather be a vampire or a vampire hunter, and why?

I would rather be an immortal vampire so I could always watch humanity, its culture, music, television, movie, literature, fashion, etc. evolve over the decades and centuries. I would only hunt criminals though out of respect for my friends & family and what I once was.

Writer's Block: Showing your pride
What do you so strongly believe in that you would march in the streets to support, and why?

Absolutely nothing. Now, if the UK wishes to reclaim the USA ever... I would march in the streets in support of the UK.

For Queen & country!

Writer's Block: Extra! Extra!
If you worked for a newspaper, which section of the paper would you like to write for, and why?

If I could work for any newspaper I would like to cover anything entertainment related as I enjoy many genres of movies, television, anime, music, and books. Not only would I get to enjoy working with something I'm passionate about, but would also be exposed to new titles I may have missed otherwise. Nothing like getting paid to do something you love AND broaden your horizons! :)

Writer's Block: Coming soon: Hansel & Gretel the tactical role-playing game
Which of your favorite childhood stories would you like to make into a game? What kind of game would it be?

The childhood story I would turn into a movie is Alice, grown up, and deranged. The game would be an RPG, Wonderland would be distorted and just as twisted as Alice had become.

Oh wait... there's already two games like that.
American McGee's Alice
Alice: Madness Returns

(the latter which I pre-ordered)


Writer's Block: Talk of the town
If you were given your own talk show, who would your first guest be, and why?

If I had my own talk show, my first guest would be David Tennant as I found his Doctor (Doctor Who) to be quite possibly the BEST since Tom Baker - even see him as a modern day 4th Doctor. He's also absolutely brilliant in every other role he's been in (such as Hamlet). Next I'd have Craif Ferguson as he's hilarious, I enjoy his talk show probably as much if not more than Conan, and it'd just be awesome to have another talk show host as a guest on a talk show other than their own.

Writer's Block: Does this job come with a crown?
If you could rule any country, which country would you choose, and why?

I actually wouldn't want to rule a country - too much responsibility.
If I HAD to rule one, a real one, then it'd probably be the UK since I'm quite passionate about that country already. I'd do everything in my power to ensure the best for its people.

As far as fictional universes are concerned either Seyruun from The Slayers universe or possibly Heliopolis from the Gundam Seed universe.

Writer's Block: On a need to know basis
If you had a special power, would you hide it or share it with the world, and why?

I suppose it really depends on the situation: the world around me & the power itself.
If it was the ability to turn invisible then yeah, that'd be on a "need to know" basis - and probably wouldn't let anyone know if I had a choice.
If it was something I couldn't hide then... I honestly don't know.
Then there's the fact - am I the only human with special powers or are there others?
If others then what are they doing with their powers and how are they being treated?

Of course, if I was like say Superman then I'd probably try to keep my identity secret while helping as many people as possible.


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